Before committing ourselves to a ministry partnership, we determine that there is a shared vision for the expansion of the Kingdom, and that our prospective partner shares our proclaimed values. We may help to define, develop and carry out a vision, but it must be “equally owned” by the ministry leaders with whom we will partner.


It’s our goal to help all of our partnering ministry leaders to clearly understand the biblical message of Christ and the Cross, to clearly proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who have not heard, and to be effectively making disciples of Jesus Christ.


In MDN ministries involving teaching, we require that each participant in the training is learning and growing through serving in a supervised ministry appropriate for the skills, abilities and strengths that God has given them.


Wherever we serve, we seek to model ministry skills and Christ-like character (including servant leadership) in such a way as to help those we serve to grow in those areas.


So far as it is possible, we spend personal time with each key leader in each ministry situation to discuss important issues and to provide wise counsel as needed. We invest the most in those who are most committed to training subsequent generations.


By example, enthusiastic support and helpful counsel, we seek to encourage each of our ministry partners to always give their best for the Master.


It is crucial that we observe our ministry leaders in their ministry situation in order to see where further help may be needed.


God has blessed the American church with material wealth and other resources that we can employ in partnership with the persecuted and poverty stricken church around the world. However, we do so only when there is a shared vision and our prospective partners are first committed to giving sacrificially of themselves and their resources to carry out that shared vision. Good stewardship and financial accountability are included in our training.