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MDN is a faith-based 501(c)3 non-profit mission organization that functions as the Administrative Service Provider for New and Existing Ministries.

MDN’s infra-structure handles the accountability, compliance and technical aspects of being a 501(c)3 Non-Profit so that Ministries can focus on their mission!

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Mission Statement

Facilitating the growth of dynamic, Christ-centered global ministries
by providing mentoring, networking and administrative support.



Providing an organizational home and supportive assistance to a wide variety of domestic and international ministries and leaders, enabling them to establish effective evangelism and discipleship programs within their churches and communities.



Providing guidance, insight, accountability and compliance by applying Biblical principles of stewardship.
Provide training and ministry assistance for church planting situations in strategic countries.



Connecting churches, individuals and organizations for fruitful partnerships.

Organizational Guidance

MDN’s nonprofit structure provides legal compliance, tax-deductibility for your donor’s giving and ongoing administrative support. MDN assists new and existing ministries to quickly develop the necessary organizational and support requirements to grow and serve independently or as partners under the umbrella of MDN’s 501(c)3.
We also provide administrative services for small 501(c)3 ministries that may be understaffed and overwhelmed by the complexities of maintaining their nonprofit status.

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