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Read about Viktor Krotyk in Ukraine

On December 24, rashists shelled the center of the city where the rented hall was, over 10 people were killed and over 60 people were wounded, near this hall there was a little market and there were a lot of people there. The truck that brought the bread was pierced by shrapnel, and the driver was wounded, but alive. Unfortunately innocent people were killed on the day before Christmas.

On December 24 there were also many people in the hall, they already conducted by themselves, and on the video you can see what happened during the sermon. Praise God nobody got seriously wounded, except for light cuts with windows from the window. People quickly hid in the basement. At the same day in another, Catholic temple, a miracle happened, there were people who were getting ready for Christmas together with a priest, and 2 “Grad” (“Hail”) missiles hit the temple, one broke the roof and fell on the flour, but it didn’t explode, the other just stuck in the wall and it didn’t explode also. It really became a miracle for people as everyone said that it was God who protected.