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Ken and Lorelei have served together for 17 years with the primary focus of their ministry intertwined with Ken’s Pastoral role.

In 2003 Ken became the Executive Director of Church Renewal and Development with a mission agency while Lorelei extended her ministry of teaching through seminars and retreats, in addition to discipleship of women. Ken and Lorelei continue to serve the Kingdom in tandem, even though each of them have a specialized ministry focus.

Ken’s passion is church health and leadership development. His ministry focus is equipping churches and leadership through evaluating, resourcing, discipleship, and mentoring to help maximize their Kingdom effectiveness. Ken also serves through intervention work with churches in conflict, interim pastoral ministry, and assisting churches in their pastoral search process.

Lorelei’s passion is helping others connect with the Bible in a meaningful and life changing manner. Lorelei disciples women and trains people to orally communicate the Bible in an accurate, inductive, and conversational manner – helping them, and those they train, to discover spiritual truths and make personal application of the Bible. She is a Lead Instructor with Simply The Story (STS), travelling throughout the USA and internationally to train people in the STS process. This is an effective, non-threatening, evangelistic tool that can be used with all ages.

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