It’s our privilege to serve King Jesus and His redemptive purpose to bring the nations to Himself. We participate in hope that the nations will be “sanctified” as “an offering acceptable to God”. Hence, our motivation is worship, our dependance is God’s “grace”, and our “glory” is “Christ Jesus”. We are happy to partner with MDN which is like-minded in these convictions and purposes. Over the years we have enjoyed the essential office support and the necessary accountability offered to us by MDN, so that we can be free to pursue what God lays on our hearts to do. Our mission journey began in 2003 when Jeremy left his Internal Medicine practice in California. We first served in Southwest China (2004-2010) where we helped mobilize house church disciples to serve the stigmatized HIV/AIDS affected friends. We put God’s love to action in reaching the least in the society. Quite a few came to faith and joined the local churches. Praise God that in our absence since 2010, this work has endured in local leadership to this day. Then we moved to southern Taiwan (2010-2021) to serve the least evangelized Working Class Taiwanese. Many children from broken families visited us regularly in a community center to play, eat, hear stories about Jesus, and watch love in action through Jesus’ people. We also invested efforts to disciple a handful of young adults who in turn are reaching out to the less fortunate ones with Jesus’ compassion. Along our journey, we reach out to other missionary families for mutual support. We gathered weekly while in China and biweekly while in Taiwan for most of our 18 year journey. Our distinctives were cross-agencies, family-focused, and Bible-centered. Our passion was for a biblical community that promotes missionary well-being in the often very harsh and lonely working environments. We would celebrate each other’s joys and pray earnestly for each other’s struggles. The mission journey may be trying and difficult, but this kind of loving fellowship was very helpful for sustaining each of us for the long run. Many participants were deeply encouraged and strengthened by our unity in Christ. As such, and since we have returned to the US to support our children in this season, we seek to continue pastoral care for the well-being of frontline global workers. This is otherwise known in the mission world as “member care”. We are undergoing training in coaching and biblical counseling, and Jeremy is reviewing and reviving his medical skills. More fundamentally we are aligning our minds and hearts by the Scripture, in hope to inject God’s Truth in points of needs and encourage fellow missionaries biblically. We make ourselves available for listening, praying, counseling, sharing resources, and practical service for them. We are happy to serve our MDN associates in this new capacity to help highlight the caring face of our growing organization.

Because of the grace God gave me to be a minister of Christ Jesus to the Gentiles with the priestly duty of proclaiming the gospel of God, so that the Gentiles might become an offering acceptable to God, sanctified by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, I glory in Christ Jesus in my service to God. Romans 15:15-17.