As parents it is our duty to train our kids up in the way that they should go...

And we want to help make it fun!

Help teach your family to prayer for others around the world by choosing a ministry or two to pray for each week!

Help Your Child be a Leader in Christ

Your child can sign up to host a party in support of one of our ministries. We have a whole list of fun game, give away idea, and more to help get your child’s party rolling. Click below to learn more about how to get involved.

Invite a Missionary to Sunday School

In schools throughout the week, kids are taught about all kinds of careers and ways of life. But who teaches children about the life they can live while serving Jesus 24/7 as a missionary? The possibilities are endless when it comes to being a missionary and the ways to serve beyond yourself and we’ve love to help teach your children. Virtual and Face to Face options available.

Is Your Child Interested in Serving as a Missionary?

Whether your child is looking to serve during a gap year or a lifetime in ministry we can help . We help your child narrow down how they are looking to serve, find ministries that align with their passions and gifts, and make sure things are done in the right way. To learn more book a free call with our Director below.