Baltic Church Planters

Partnering with the national church in the Baltics and beyond, in partnership with Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM), to train, equip, support and encourage church planters

Bible Training Center Ukraine

Training Ukraine Church leaders who in turn develop discipleship programs within their churches to reach their communities with the Gospel of Christ.

Latvian Bible Centre

The Latvian Biblical Centre is a non-denominational school which aims to educate church leadership and lay people through practical application of God’s Word and training in ministry skills.
Objectives We aim to be biblical, practical, and to build godly character (1Peter 1:15-16) We want to help our learners think for themselves while remaining dependent on and dedicated to the teachings of Scripture and the illumination of the Holy Spirit as their source of truth (Acts 17:11) We want our learners to have practical ministry skills (Eph. 4: 11-13) We want our learners to recognize God’s calling in their lives and to fulfil it We want to support, equip, encourage and develop present church leadership