Drew and his wife Jennifer have been married for over 2 decades and have four boys, James, Luke, Asa and Elias. Drew graduated from Appalachian State University with a degree and English and Business. After 9 years of working in the secular business world, Drew went to Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and received a Masters of Divinity with an emphasis on International Church Planting. During this time, Drew and Jennifer and their family moved to Southeast Asia and worked in community development with the goal being to provide both physical and Spiritual relief to the people they served. During this time Drew also completed 2 years of doctoral study. After the birth of their 4th son, Elias. Jennifer and Drew had to move back the US due to Elias’ having a congenital heart defect that could not be treated in Southeast Asia. God provided Drew with the opportunity to work with one of the largest Christian Relief Organizations in the world, where he worked for almost a decade before being led to MDN. Drew has worked in and spent significant time in over 20 countries around the world, and praises God for providing him the opportunity to use his education, experience and interests to serve the many Ministry Partners of Ministry Developers Network. Specifically Drew not only feels called to MDN, but he especially believes in the Mission and Vision of the organization. Drew was pained by how many called and equipped people were unable to go into Ministry due to the inability to fit in with some of the larger Christian Mission Organizations. He loves the way that MDN exists to serve ministries, pastors, and missionaries and to help them be successful in whatever location or activities that God has led them to. Drew and Jennifer reside in Boone NC with their two younger boys, while their eldest is in College, and their second son is volunteering in Southeast Asia.