Our Mission is to make
Your Vision become a Reality!

Has God given you a vision for ministry with a God-sized goal? Are you confused as what to do next? Do you or your ministry idea
not fit with other organizations? Is your dream different than what other people are doing?

MDN can help. We have decades of North American and International Ministry Experience. MDN is designed specifically for people like you, designed to help you achieve your vision and reach your goal. Some ways we do this is by providing:

  • • Strategic Ministry Development
  • • Practical Project Planning
  • • Leadership Development
  • • Budget Design and Fundraising Guidance
  • • Tax-deductible Status for Fundraising
  • • Donor Relationship Management System
  • • Administrative Support
  • • Federal and State Legal Compliance
  • • Ongoing Shepherding Care

MDN also provides a ‘home’ for those ministries that may not fit with larger organizations, which recruit missionaries to fulfill their pre-determined purposes.  We enable you to accomplish the God-magnifying purpose He has placed on your heart, whether it is church planting, reaching students, offering biblical training, community development, or many other ways you may feel called to launch into ministry.