"Your vision is our mission."

Selecting A Ministry Partner

Selecting a Ministry Partner
to Help serve YOUR needs

The difference between ministry partners is MUCH more than who might charge the smallest amount of administrative fees.
Many nonprofit organizations say they will quickly process your donations and send you the funds.
Our survey of ministries tells us that real support is relational first, then shared identity,
and finally processing donations and essential recordkeeping.


Our application process is designed to get to know you and the calling that God has placed on your heart.


We know that as ministry partners, our identities are intertwined.
You do amazing work; we provide great support.
It’s the right fit that is essential for sustaining trust and promoting the Gospel.

Guidance for start-up ministries

Evaluate existing ministry programs

Assist with program development

Organizational Guidance

MDN’s nonprofit structure provides legal compliance, tax-deductibility for your donor’s giving and ongoing administrative support. MDN assists new and existing ministries to quickly develop the necessary organizational and support requirements to grow and serve independently or as partners under the umbrella of MDN’s 501(c)3.
We also provide administrative services for small 501c3 ministries that may be understaffed and overwhelmed by the complexities of maintaining their nonprofit status.


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