Your Vision is Our Mission


Learn more about the Christ-centered ministries served by MDN Missionaries and Staff.

Church-Based Leadership Training

MDN Missionaries and Staff serve in a number of developing countries where the possibilities of training are limited.

We provide:

  • Theological training for indigenous pastors and lay leaders
  • Teaching skills and resource materials, mentorship, and encouragement, with a continual focus on evangelism and discipleship

Church Planting, Discipleship & Evangelism

MDN representatives travel to numerous countries and remote locations where they work with national church leaders to accomplish the goal of planting churches, primarily in towns and villages where there is currently no evangelical witness. MDN also partners with national churches that have a vision to plant additional churches.

MDN representatives also provide continual Biblical training, equipping church leaders with practical, effective skills in evangelism, discipleship and church planting.  Teaching in a small group setting encourages open discussions, spiritual growth and exhortation.

Community Development

MDN Ministries work through the local church leaders to help meet the material, spiritual  & personal health needs of their communities by:

  • Empowering leadership
  • Teaching Biblical principles of leadership & business ethics
  • Helping to develop small businesses that support themselves, their local churches and their ministry outreach
  • Helping to develop small neighborhood medical clinics, and teaching personal hygiene and HIV/AIDS awareness
  • Providing hands-on training of employable skills such as farming, tailoring, construction and more
  • Assisting with planting local churches and community Christian schools

Children & Orphan Ministries

MDN’s missionary staff serve children in developing countries.  Many children are homeless or orphaned with no one to care for their health, spiritual, educational, or basic needs such as food and shelter.

MDN missionaries demonstrate Christ’s love by providing a Bible-based education, as well as offering hugs, a warm meal, and a safe place to play.