Baltic Church Planters

Partnering with the national church in the Baltics and beyond,
in partnership with Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM),
to train, equip, support and encourage church planters.

Biblical Training Centers (BTC)

Training Ukraine Church leaders who in turn develop discipleship programs within their churches to reach their communities with the Gospel of Christ.

BJ Asia

BJ Asia is dedicated to bringing the gospel to a large unreached people group in remote Southeast Asia by translating the Scriptures into their regional tongue. Most have never heard the name of “Christ”, or if they have, they do not know the truth.
BJ Asia has in-depth training in linguistics and Bible translation. They are currently considering further training to help other translators.

New Life for Churches (Formerly CBLT) – Ukraine

Church Based Leadership Training (CBLT) – Kenya

  • John Machuka

The ultimate purpose of CBLT Kenya ministry is to strengthen the body of Christ with the truth and to work alongside churches to enhance evangelism to unreached communities so that the lost and unbelieving may get into a growing relationship with Christ.
CBLT-Kenya has witnessed a steadily growing passion for Jesus Christ in the areas of Northwest Kenya and Eastern Uganda. We are training and equipping church leaders to spread the gospel to thousands in economically impoverished areas through prayer, family worship services, and the translation of documents for teaching.

Church Planting Movements – SE Asia

Seeking to start Church Planting Movements (CPM) among one or more unreached people groups in a difficult-to-access country of Southeast Asia. Planting hundreds or thousands of new churches – reaching tens of thousands of new believers.

Discipleship Growth Ministries

  • Pete Katzung

Discipleship Growth Ministries is a ministry blending passion and precision in seeking personal and ministry growth in Christ, through appropriating faith. It has three main areas of focus – Discipleship, Global Outreach, and Assisting Those in Need. Its purpose is to make disciples and thereby presenting every man complete in Christ.

Elementum Ministries

  • Andy Abramson
  • Jon Herrera
  • Ben Pontius
  • Nick Campagna
  • David Searight

From North Dakota to Texas to Washington, elementum’s staff is working to restore and launch young adults into their Kingdom purpose. Elementum is one small part in what God is doing, but has fingerprints in cities, churches, and leaders all around the globe.

Hope for Afghanistan

Hope for Afghanistan seeks to connect underprivileged widows and their children to safe and reliable access to basic education and vocational training skills. They provide for hunger and medical needs until vulnerable families can apply self-sustaining practices, such as farming and pasturing skills.

Hope for Children – Latvia

Hope for Children seeks to follow Christ’s example of unconditional love and compassion in working with those most vulnerable to the effects of change and poverty.

Jeremy Hsu Ministry

Making disciples among the least reached people – the SE Asia Working Class. Empowering disciples in churches to step out with the Gospel of Jesus to love the least of these in society.

Latvian Biblical Centre

A non-denominational school which aims to educate church leadership and lay people through practical application of God’s Word and training in ministry skills.

LBC is one of the largest evangelical and interdenominational educational institutions in Latvia with more than 20 years of experience. Our goals are to train Christian Leaders and Lay People in Biblical knowledge, to equip them with skills for Christian life and ministry, and to support the development of missions and evangelism.

La Vid Ministries – Dominican Republic

Our purpose is simple – Spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the Dominican Republic and develop disciples that can continue to work when we cannot be there.
We have two major goals:
Help the church in San Pedro to grow and thrive and To see greater things happen in Santo Domingo, with the hope of developing a stronger college group there and see them mature in their relationship with Christ.

Light for the Hunger Project – Mozambique

The Light for the Hunger Project (LFTH) is a community development center founded in March 2018 by Director Agostinho Augusto in Sofala province, Mozambique. LFTH’s mission is to take the name of Jesus to people in rural communities in Mozambique, teaching them to obey all that God has commanded them and multiply disciples into other communities. This includes teaching, modeling, and assisting with a variety of skills and ideas that lead to human flourishing.

Native American Ministries, Int’l

NATIVE MINISTRY INTERNATIONAL (NMI or is a resource to connect all native tribes and ministries. This website is a knowledge base website similar to a Wiki website, in that it provides information for Native American tribes, and Christian ministries.


OLCAP (Organizations of Local Communities Against Poverty) exists to improve the quality of life of the people living in rural Kenya. They are a national NGO that promotes access to quality education, health care and economic empowerment through community participation and learning.

Ken & Lorelei Polley Ministries

Helping to develop healthy churches and ministry leaders who are fulfilling the Great Commandment.
Ken and Lorelei served together for 17 years with the primary focus of their ministry intertwined with Ken’s Pastoral role. In 2003 Ken became the Executive Director of Church Renewal and Development with a mission agency while Lorelei extended her ministry of teaching through seminars and retreats, in addition to discipleship of women. Ken and Lorelei continue to serve the Kingdom in tandem, even though each of them have a specialized ministry focus.

Prayer Pursuits Ministry

  • Mike Andersen

Increasing the level of prayer everywhere; one person at a time, one church at a time, one ministry event at a time, all the time!

Reproduction Training Network (RTN)

Reproducing Disciples – Training Pastors – Developing Orphanages – Providing Humanitarian Care in Jesus’ Name.

Restoration of Hope (ROHC)

  • Thomas Inyu

ROHC is an energetic, holistic, Christ-centered ministry and outreach to orphans, needy children, widows, refugees, and local communities in South Sudan and Northern Uganda.

SARA Ministries – Nepal

The ministry began for the purpose of glorifying God – launching a movement to disciple church planters, care for orphans, and bring revival among believers in preparation for the coming of our King, the Lord Jesus Christ. In 1997, after much prayer, Pastor Tej and his family began SARA Church with four members in a small rented room in Kathmandu City. Today, by God’s grace, the church has over 250 committed members and continues to grow weekly.

Tentmakers Ministries

  • Business with a Purpose

Tentmakers ministries trains nationals to see that business is missions and a fertile ground to share the Gospel. They equip national believers to care for their local communities, and mentor small business owners as they grow their business.

UTAP Children’s Outreach

  • Evangeline St. Byrnes

Equipping the community for life’s trials and temptations as fully devoted believers of Jesus by teaching the Word of God, reaching out in house to house Bible Studies, bringing in and teaching children and unbelievers to become believers by reading, memorization, and learning how to pray. We also provide a safe and fun place for children to play and socialize without fear of the surrounding area.

Victorious Faith Ministries

  • Pastor Andrew Gombay

Victorious Faith Ministry (VFM), a Liberian NGO, founded, operated and overseen by Pastor Andrew Gombay –
VFM continues to grow meeting the needs of 4 churches outside the city of Monrovia, 2 in Monrovia and 1 international church in Sierra Leone with a clinic, a mobile academy for orphans and less fortunate children, a community clinic, and a faith-based Rehab ministry – Addict to Disciple program (A2D).

Project Boost

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Project Boost is a ministry that supports impactful ministries, nonprofits, and churches by providing solutions to the obstacles that keep them from flourishing. As a Christian business owner I have learned that Godly intentions are not enough to be successful in ministry or in business. Our goal is to provide hands-on reinforcements for smaller organizations that don’t have the resources to do all that they could do for the Kingdom. This goal is achieved by providing support in: Fundraising, Building project management, Consulting, and Operational development.
*All charitable contributions to the ministries of MDN are income tax-deductible and made with the understanding that MDN has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.
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