Your Vision is Yours to Achieve and Follow

MDN operates in a Decentralized manner with the field, and a Centralized manner with Headquarters. What does that mean?

While our work in the field is decentralized and is implemented by the specific ministries, MDN’s leadership, administrative activities, services and networking are centralized through our Business office. This is to insure that the ministries receive the best possible support.


  • With guidance and accountability, each ministry/missionary is responsibility for translating the goal God has given them into action.
  • The plan to achieve the goal is represented in the annual submission of a ministry plan and proposed budget. MDN will review the plans and provide advice. MDN will approve these budgets and provide regular oversight of the work to ensure funds are being used in accordance with the donor’s wishes and that activities are wise and effective.
  • We believe that God will bring financial supporters and partners to allow you to accomplish the plans He has. MDN desires to involve as many people in the work as possible. As such, each ministry is primarily responsible for developing a financial support base to enable your work. MDN can provide strategy and training for how to engage and involve people in your work.
  • Each ministry should provide regular impact stories and media to MDN headquarters. This will allow MDN to provide moving proof of how God is working through your ministry on our website. Of course we understand there are situations where this is not possible due to the location of the ministry.
  • As MDN works to ensure the success of your ministry, we also work to ensure that the trust donors have in you and MDN is maintained and grown. Because of this and in order to provide you the tax-deductible status that is such a benefit to your donors and your ministry, all funds are to be made payable to MDN and processed through the Business Office. MDN will account for these funds, send receipts to the financial partner and provide the ministry with up-to-date and accurate accounting.

NOTE: In some cases, MDN forms a partnership with an individual ministry that has its own 501(c)3 and board of directors for ministry planning and oversight.


MDN administrative staff is responsible for either directly providing the services requested by a ministry or missionary, or by connecting them to a service provider who can meet their needs.

  • All legal matters.
  • All financial matters.
  • All mass communications sent by MDN and staff to constituents.
  • Creating and maintaining open communication lines between the ministries, missionaries, and Headquarters.
  • Provision of a website home for each ministry on the MDN website.
  • Oversight of each ministry’s activity.
  • Approving and recording all international travel by staff or volunteer workers. This is not only to ensure financial accountability, but alsofor safety and security. At times MDN may be able to connect the ministry with less expensive travel options.
  • Ensuring that all staff abide by MDN policies, IRS, State and ECFA requirements and international laws.

*MDN administrative staff may also work with outside organizations that are completely separate from the ministries of MDN and are not governed by MDN’s board of directors. (While MDN administration may provide various consulting services, there is no financial relationship between MDN and these organizations.)


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