• Each ministry field staff leader is responsible for his/her own operation and must submit a written ministry plan & budget which needs to be approved by MDN Administrator.

NOTE: In some cases, an individual ministry may have its own 501 c 3 and board of directors for ministry planning and oversight.

  • Each staff person is to raise his/her finances needed for personal support and for their ministry. All funds raised are to be sent by donors to MDN’s Business Office for processing, receipting and distribution to the field ministries. International missionary staff may have assistance from their designated USA liaison, associate staff person(s) and/or their related churches in developing ministry partner support.



MDN administrative staff must maintain quality performance within the office and fields of ministry. MDN Administration is responsible for:

  • All legal matters
  • All financial matters
  • All mass communications that are sent by MDN and staff to constituents
  • Oversight of HR department
  • Approving and recording all international travel by staff, guest workers
  • Ensuring that all staff abide by MDN policies, IRS, state and ECFA requirements and international laws.

MDN administrative staff may also work with outside organizations that are completely separate from the ministries of MDN and are not governed by MDN’s board of directors. (While MDN administration may provide various consulting services, there is no financial relationship between MDN and these organizations.)


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